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      Cleaning Services Edgware has a special offer on upholstery cleaning so I thought I'd check them out, they now do all my cleaning. They were so good and such a bargain for what you get.
Helga Hunter30/03/2018
     My family left their luggage behind in one place and when they came back and collected it, the walls were filled with mould and it was damp. No matter what I did, the mould wouldn't go and I had to clean everything up which I was dreading. I had the number of Edgware Cleaning and I called them to book in. They did a great job and I would use them again.
     I wanted my upholstered curtains and furniture cleaning to revamp the home. I had heard stories about mites causing allergies etc, so decided to have them cleaned to get rid of bacteria and germs for the sake of my family. I hired CleanersEdgware, who advised me that it would help prevent the buildup of germs and also improve the appearance of my home furnishings. The service was amazing the costs were affordable and the upholstery looks so clean.
Teresa Henry27/02/2015
     CleanersEdgware are a great company if you want professional cleaners for your home. I was really impressed by how quickly and efficiently my cleaner worked, and the job she did was absolutely flawless. I can't complaint about any part of this company - even the prices are excellent!
Z. Lee29/01/2015
     We stared thinking about hiring some extra help with keeping on top of the cleaning at my salon and I can't tell you how glad I am that I went for CleanersEdgware! Behind the scenes and on the main work floor there are a lot of things going on, from customers coming and going to getting rid of used materials that can be hazardous if not disposed of properly. Not only do your staff know the specific procedures for such things but also make it incredibly easy to work in general in this busy environment. From myself and the rest of my colleagues thank you!
     If you have ever tried to get wine stains out of upholstery you know what an impossible (and heartbreaking) task it can be. I have a lovely cream coloured futon in the house and as luck would have it, I ended up spilling a glass of red wine on it at a recent dinner party. Before I could have a breakdown, my friend whipped out her phone and gave me the number for CleanersEdgware. She'd had a spot (pun unintended!) of similar trouble recently and she couldn't stop raving about the professional cleaners. I called them and now that I have my futon back I can vouch for their upholstery cleaning service!
     If you want your kitchen cleaned professionally, all you have to do is call up CleanersEdgware. In terms of service they are second to none - I've spent so long trying to find an efficient and cost effective cleaner in my local area, or one who speaks English and doesn't cut corners. I've found the perfect cleaner now though, and everything is amazing. The price is reasonable, and the work impeccable.
Marty Huw04/09/2014
     What is really great about CleanersEdgware is that they are a very local company, which has earned its' reputation over time by delivering a great service to many customers at prices that people are so delighted with that they recommend them to their friends. There is no risk at all by ringing this very talented and experienced cleaning company, and they will personalise their service to suit your requirements, and fit into your lifestyle. Options for one off or weekly cleans available and all of the staff are very trustworthy. Great team and great service, they deserve all of their success.
Denise Mayberry08/04/2014
     Cleaning is something that I do not enjoy. Just the thought of cleaning makes me want to hide under a blanket. So when I heard that I could hire CleanersEdgware to clean my home, I was more than pleased. I had heard great things about this company and thought that this would be the company for me. On the day, they got straight to work and got through it all a lot quicker than I could have done it. They even cleaned all the little bits that I wouldn't even have bothered about such as the skirting boards, the doors and handles, the tops of the cupboards etc.
Carl F.28/03/2014